EEO Case Investigation Process Improvement and Automation 2018-01-21T02:09:04+00:00

Project Description

EEO Case Investigation Automation and Process Improvement


Mind Your Business provides professional investigative services including equal employment opportunity (EEO) complaint investigations.  Detailed spreadsheets were used extensively to manage MYB’s case load, however their volume of cases increased significantly.  MYB sought methods for improving their ability to manage, track, and monitor cases.  TEQuity consultants analyzed current case management processes and conducted several process workshops with MYB staff and key stakeholders.  Based on the comprehensive set of requirements gathered, TEQuity designed and developed an EEO Case Tracking system that allows MYB to track the right data based on the type of investigative services provided.  Dashboards and data visualizations were created so that MYB’s management and individual staff members have the information they need to drive their performance.

Tasks and Deliverables

  • Current status assessment
  • Process improvement
  • Business process analysis
  • Requirements gathering
  • System design and development
  • Data visualizations

Capabilities Deployed

Information Systems
Research and Analysis
Strategic Planning

Sample Project Deliverables