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Project Description

Why Our Focus is Equity (and Not Equality)

Some believe equality and equity are the same.  They are not.  Equality is important, however its application focuses on an “even” distribution of resources.  Distribution is not differentiated by need.  Everyone receives the same.

Equality Models Fall Short

An equality model often falls short because one size does not fit all.  The level and types of needs vary from population to population, individual to individual.  Equal levels of resources are not designed to help populations more disadvantaged than others thrive in the areas of health, education, and economics.

Equity Focuses on Need

Equity, on the other hand, accounts for inequality by customizing the level and types of resources so that individual needs are met.  A focus on equity when designing solutions involves a close examination of what is needed in order for a person to achieve success.

The elimination of disparities is a complex undertaking, primarily because one size does not fit all.  TEQuity designs solutions with awareness of unique needs…

…and why our focus is Equity.

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