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Project Description

Greensboro War Memorial Stadium and Yanceyville Conceptual Redevelopment Model


TEQuity’s client, BWC, conducted a study that focused on the redevelopment of the War Memorial Stadium (the Stadium) and the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market (the Farmers Market) in the context of the surrounding neighborhoods, with a goal of preparing a complete redevelopment plan for the district. Phase I reviewed past studies of the area and analyzed changes that have occurred since those studies as well as the impact of those market and consumer dynamics on the study area. Phase II takes those findings, market dynamics and psychographics and crystallizes the opportunity necessary for success. The result is the formation of a Comprehensive Redevelopment Plan that demonstrates how these economic engines and amenities can best serve the immediate neighborhood and the larger community while maximizing return on investment for the city of Greensboro and its citizenry.  As part of the redevelopment team, TEQuity provided communications services to develop messaging and reporting around the project.

Tasks and Deliverables

  • Data visualizations
  • Research report and presentation design and layout

Capabilities Deployed

Research and Analysis
Outreach Marketing and Communications

Sample Project Deliverables