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How We Got Here

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How We Got Here

TEQuity (formerly Dioko Communications) was founded in 2003. The company began as a technology consulting firm. TEQuity’s founder is an award-winning information technology executive with experience in the public sector and at leading private sector companies including IBM, SAS Institute, and GlaxoSmithKline.  Through her 20 years in IT, she recognized both the power of technology and the opportunity to do more with technology to impact the lives of others.

Disparities and Inequity

Staggering disparities persist within health care, education, and economic development. Despite tremendous technological advances in each of these areas, the benefits are not distributed equitably across different populations. Populations with the most significant disparities and who can benefit most from technology have the least access to these advances. 

Inequitable access and application of technology is due, in part, to the low level of diversity in the technology sector workplace. Solutions are often created without an in-depth understanding of the needs, behaviors, life styles, and experiences of more diverse users.

Advancing Equity Through Technology to Improve Lives

TEQuity was established to harness the power of technology and information to improve lives. We specialize in innovative technology and analytical solutions customized for populations with the greatest disparities in health, education, and economics. Our focus is advancing equity. We believe that every person has the potential to thrive when resources are made available equitably to meet their unique needs. 

The diversity of our consultant team is representative of the diversity of the communities we serve. We believe in person-driven, collaborative design and we utilize inclusive methodologies for identifying needs and capturing requirements.

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