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Project Description

Removing the Millstone of Student Debt


The North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development commissioned a report to examine the state of student debt.  The research showed that student debt is having a disparate impact on America’s minority youth, who are already coming from households with a median net worth of just about $7,000 – only 35% of the average student debt of college graduates of color. White students on the other hand, while likewise taking on a burdensome amount of student debt (roughly a quarter of the White median household net worth), are generally better situated to handle this debt with a wealth cushion that is $80,000 more than Blacks and Hispanics. This lost net worth is exacerbating the wealth gap, cutting off employment and homeownership opportunities, delaying marriages, stifling enterprise, leading to financial ruin, and funneling people into abusive predatory products. TEQuity was engaged to provide communication services for designing report and associated messages.

Tasks and Deliverables

  • Graphics design
  • Research and analysis
  • Messaging
  • Data visualization

Capabilities Deployed

Outreach Marketing and Communiations
Research and Analsysis

Sample Project Deliverables