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Project Description

Small Business Capacity Enhancement


The North Carolina Department of Transportation Office of Civil Rights engaged TEQuity to assist with capacity enhancement and business development for minority and woman owned businesses. This engagement was part of NCDOT’s Small Business Capacity Enhancement (SBCE) program. SBCE was established to increase the growth, development, and success of small businesses. TEQuity provided services in 31 counties in western North Carolina.

Tasks and Deliverables

  • Market research
  • Economic research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business capacity assessments
  • Strategic business growth planning
  • Outreach to minority and woman owned firms
  • Outreach to prime contractors and key stakeholders
  • Research report and presentation
  • Longitudinal business performance analysis
  • Focus group sessions
  • Workshops

Capabilities Deployed

Research and Analysis
Strategic Planning
Outreach Marketing and Communications
Information Systems
Program and Project Management

Sample Project Deliverables