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Project Description

TEQuity’s Strategic Planning services help you develop impactful strategies for your organization.  Even more importantly, we assist in guiding you on what it takes to ensure that your strategies are implemented successfully. Our services include environmental scans, root cause analyses, strategy project planning and facilitating productive strategic planning sessions with key stakeholders.  We specialize in leveraging technology to conduct brainstorming ideation.  Our facilitation systems allow you to drive discussions based on real-time input from your participants including multi-dimensional criteria such as importance, cost, difficulty, etc.

CAPABILITIES include (but are not limited to):
  • Strategy Development & Facilitation
  • Focus Group Planning & Facilitation
  • Group Systems Planning Support
  • Brainstorming capture
  • Dimensional analysis (i.e. Cost, Difficulty to Implement, Importance, etc.)
  • Prioritization & Rankings