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Project Description

Transforming Higher Education by Rebuilding Institutional Infrastructure Vital for Excellence (THRIIVE)


TEQuity established the THRIIVE™ (Transforming Higher Education by Rebuilding Institutional Infrastructure Vital for Excellence) program to address key barriers to institutional success. THRIIVE is a new model for addressing student success that includes best practices from academia, business, and sound organizational development. THRIIVE provides a comprehensive, integrated framework aligned with the total student life experience comprised of:

  • A participatory process that engages:
  • The leadership team in diagnosing root causes and implementing systemic changes
    • Individuals throughout the institution in implementation and execution
    • Research-based principles that guide diagnosis and institutional design
  • An information infrastructure that supports planning, implementation, and performance management
  • An assembled cadre of industry-leading academic and business experts applied at the appropriate point (at the right time)

THRIIVE is comprised of three (3) institutional focus areas:

  1. Organizational Health: Address root causes of systemic issues that inhibit successful strategy implementation
  2. Student Success Framework: Establish systematic, coordinated approach aligned with student life cycle that promotes teaming and the design of institutional interdependencies
  3. Information Performance Infrastructure: Provide an information performance management platform that supplies reliable data for planning, implementation, corrective action, and execution

Tasks and Deliverables

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Education industry research
  • Student success research
  • Strategic planning
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Data mining
  • Performance Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data visualization
  • Presentations
  • Graphics design
  • Messaging

Capabilities Deployed

Strategic Planning
Research and Analysis
Program and Project Management
Outreach Marketing and Communiations

Sample Project Deliverables